c d


July 27th, 2015 - And now for something COMPLETELY different.


C and the D!

So hey, yah, clearly this isn't a page for MSC: First Fantasy. Well, I mean, I guess I could just have Cloak & Dagger show up, but that'd be REALLY out of left field and I don't want to get a lawsuit slapped on me either. But anyways, I tried - I REALLY TRIED - to get a page for MSC:FF done and I just couldn't. I COULDN'T. My mind has apparently shifted gears from drawing things to writing things and I just can't get that engine running.


I'mma update this week, but I don't know with what. Probably just some random art or maybe some Sh@'s! And that's going to be that! Deal with it son! I'm tired and have to get up at 3 AM this week! Whatever!

See ya'll Wednesday!

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